Providing Alternative Sportswear and Fashion

Who are we?

Being stuck indoors through lockdown and having limited creative outlets, the idea of Cloud Seven Clothing was born. Starting with small doodles, craft projects and a need to see a product be created through to completion I started playing with designs and turning them into products.

Roller Derby has been a huge part of my life since I started skating back in 2014. Having had the luxury of staying part of Manchester Roller Derby through my entire career in the sport. From initial training, into Chaos Engine and onwards to New Wheeled Order and now also coaching with Rainy City Roller Derby. So when New Wheeled Order needed a new uniform supplier, I set off on a mission to get us kitted up. Along the way I realised that I could become that supplier, having done endless research into suppliers, finding very limited alternatives. Conversations with other teams let me know we weren't the only ones in this frustrating position. Unable to get their teams fully kitted without long waits and massive expenses.

As such, in 2024, Cloud Seven Clothing was fully formed. Providing uniforms to teams and creating alternative clothing for sports enthusiasts as well as everyday clothes.

Photo Credit Le temps est bon - Photographie